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The best and worst toilet paper revealed

CHOICE reviewed more than 30 toilet paper rolls from Coles, Woolworths and more.

Best and worst toilet paper
Find out which toilet paper is worth your money and which ones you should avoid. (Source: Getty/CHOICE)

The average Aussie goes through 88 toilet rolls each year - or just under two per week - so it’s worth making sure your toilet paper is easy on both your wallet and backside.

CHOICE has reviewed more than 30 toilet paper products from Coles, Woolworths, Kleenex, Who Gives A Crap, Quilton and more to help Aussies find the best option.

“The range of toilet paper products on offer these days can be a bit overwhelming, but ultimately a good quality toilet paper comes down to a few key things,” CHOICE director of reviews and testing Matt Steen said.


“At CHOICE, we test toilet paper for disintegration time, softness, how easily it tears, and its resistance to puncturing.”

Here’s what they found.

Top-scoring toilet paper

Quilton toilet paper
Two of Quilton's toilet papers were named the winners (pictured here and above). (Source: CHOICE)

The top-scoring loo rolls were from Quilton, with the brands Toilet Tissue Gold 4 ply Softness and Toilet Tissue King Size 25 per cent Larger Sheets in Gold 4 ply both scoring 85 per cent.

“Both Quilton products tied for first place with a very small difference in price as the only divider. Both products scored 90 per cent for their softness and disintegrated nicely with a score of 86 per cent,” Steen said.

But they are not the cheapest toilet rolls on the block, with the Quilton Gold pack currently $0.61 per 100 sheets and the Quilton King Size pack currently $0.63 per 100 sheets.

Best budget toilet paper

Aldi Confidence toilet paper
Aldi Confidence toilet paper was named the budget-friendly winner. (Source: CHOICE)

Aldi Confidence 3 ply Extra Soft Toilet Tissue was named the best budget-friendly toilet paper, with CHOICE experts giving it a 82 per cent rating.

At $0.22 per 100 sheets, the Aldi option is almost a third cheaper by sheet than Quilton’s top-scoring rolls.

“If you’re looking for a great alternative to our top scorers, this Confidence product is your best bet. It scored the same softness rating of 90 per cent as our winners, and at [less than] 30 cents per 100 sheets it's much more cost effective,” Steen said.

Worst toilet paper

Oombamboo toilet paper
Oombamboo's toilet paper was named the worst. (Source: CHOICE)

The worst performer was Oobamboo Bamboo Unbleached Toilet Rolls 3 ply, which the experts scored 43 per cent. It currently rings in at $0.56 per 100 sheets.

“Oobamboo’s toilet paper received a shocking 0 per cent in our disintegration test, taking over 20 minutes to break up. If you want a smooth functioning sewage system we recommend you steer clear of this toilet paper,” Steen said.

“The Oobamboo toilet rolls are also a whopping $40.00 per packet, one of the most expensive products we tested. Aside from a reasonable separation score, there is little positive we can say about this toilet paper.”

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