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Aussies warned toilet paper prices to skyrocket

A composite image of a roll of toilet paper roll and Australian money.
Consumers have been warned about rising toilet paper prices. (Source: Getty)

Toilet paper brand Sorbent has warned Aussie consumers that prices are expected to soar and this time it has nothing to do with COVID-19.

Sorbent CEO Steven Nicholson told 2GB the company’s gas bill has risen 290 per cent as the war in Ukraine continues to put pressure on prices.

Nicholson said there was no choice but to pass on the price hikes to consumers saying there is “a real crisis looming”.

“We’re one of the largest producers in this country of toilet paper so it is a tremendous challenge for us,” Nicholson said.

“We don’t want to pass on these costs but we’re going to have to … we can’t absorb these costs.”

Nicholson did not disclose exactly how much the company’s energy bill was but he did confirm it was “millions of dollars”.

If the full 290 per cent rise was passed on to the consumer a 20-pack of toilet paper, which is currently around $10.50, would jump to $30.45.

Nicholson said while the move to renewable energy is a positive one, something needs to be done in the interim to help with soaring energy costs.

“The Government is hell bent on renewables, and let’s face it - that is where we want to go - but there is a journey to be had and we need a proper transition plan,” he said.

“We’d love some feedback from the Government on what they are going to do on this journey to renewables.”

Energy crisis

Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the Government intends to have an energy relief plan in place by Christmas as Aussies face skyrocketing bills.

Chalmers was questioned about the lack of cost-of-living support in the Budget on ABC’s Q&A earlier this month.

Chalmers said the Government would move as quickly as it could on energy prices, but said there were a lot of issues at play.

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