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Australia's best and worst brands

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Apple, Steelcraft and Dyson are the most loved brands of the year, while Dodo, Nestle and Australia Post are among the worst, according to Product Reviews website.

The ratings were based on over 65,000 reviews posted to this year and unsurprisingly, Apple was the highest rated with a nearly 4.5 star rating.

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However, you’d never guess who toppled the tech giant. Online books and DVD store Booktopia topped the retailer brands with a rating of 4.9 stars.

Telecommunications company Dodo received an abysmal 1.6-star rating from customers angry about its slow internet speeds bad service.

The lowest ranking retail brands were dominated by deal websites, with Deals2U, Ouffer and Our Deal ranking in the bottom five.

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Food manufactuer Nestle also rated poorly among the product brands on 1.7. Nestle's brand may have suffered due to a baby formula that hundreds of parents claimed was making their child sick.

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Appliance brands Simpson and Whirlpool, as well as Australia Post, were among the bottom five., receives three million visits from Australian consumers each month, who use it to share reviews and recommend or warn against products and services.

Top rated:

1.    Apple – 4.33 stars
2.    Steelcraft – 4.02 stars
3.    Dyson – 3.95 stars
4.    De’Longhi – 3.89 stars
5.    Breville – 3.68 stars

Bottom rated

1.    Dodo – 1.61 stars
2.    Nestle – 1.72 stars
3.    Simpson – 2.05 stars
4.    Whirlpool – 2.39 stars
5.    Australia Post – 2.55 stars