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Aussies’ surprising dream jobs revealed

The top dream jobs have been revealed, and the most popular one might surprise you.

Pilot, influencer and teacher. Dream jobs.
The world's dream jobs have been revealed. (Source: Getty)

Want to be a writer, dancer or YouTuber? Well, you’re not alone. These are just some of the most popular ‘dream jobs’ for people around the world.

Money transfer service Remitly looked at global search data to discover the dream jobs of every country in the world.

Being a pilot was the world’s number one dream job, which may come as a surprise given the battering the industry took during the pandemic. The job topped the list in 25 countries, including Australia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, with the term ‘how to become a pilot’ garnering 930,630 searches over 12 months.

Being a writer was the second-most popular job, with 801,200 searches. A whopping 75 countries around the world shared this dream, including New Zealand, South Africa, India and Sweden.

Dancer was the third-most popular dream job, with 278,720 searches around the world. It was popular in Africa, where Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria had it as their top searched profession.

Jobs in the arts were the most searched for around the world. As well as writer and dancer, other jobs like actor, singer and DJ also made the list.

Many people also dream of careers on social media, with YouTuber (4th place), influencer (7th place) and blogger (12th place) all earning spots. YouTuber was the top searched job in 11 countries, including Mexico, Chile and Peru. Influencer also topped the list in 11 countries, including Spain, Argentina and Colombia.

Top 20 dream jobs

Here are the top dream jobs across the world:

  1. Pilot - 930,630

  2. Writer - 801,200

  3. Dancer - 278,720

  4. YouTuber - 195,070

  5. Entrepreneur - 178,380

  6. Actor - 176,180

  7. Influencer - 159,180

  8. Programmer - 125,310

  9. Singer - 121,430

  10. Teacher - 114,950

  11. DJ - 112,360

  12. Blogger - 104,600

  13. Doctor - 104,080

  14. Professor - 91,400

  15. Flight attendant - 88,240

  16. Firefighter - 84,300

  17. Judge - 83,800

  18. Lawyer - 79,030

  19. Attorney - 74,030

  20. Psychologist - 66,750

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