Australia markets open in 5 hours 22 minutes

Yahoo Finance's morning wrap for Friday

It's all happening this morning. (Images: Canva, AAP, Getty)

Good morning.

Markets: Wall St nudged higher overnight on the back of Brexit optimism. But Australian stocks are expected to open lower, with the SPI200 futures hinting a 0.2 per cent drop for the ASX this morning.

The Australian dollar is buying 68.21 US cents at 8am AEST, up from 67.83 US cents Thursday.

Do you bank with the Commonwealth? The company is sorry about a systems outage that saw people starving yesterday, unable to settle their real estate purchases and is still going on Friday morning. Yikes.

Do you use Canva? A lot of people around the world use the graphic design site for work and pleasure. And now it's made the Australian founders billionaires.

Do you like your super balance? If not, here's a nifty hack to boost your nest egg without even doing anything extra.

Do you like free beer? Here's how to get some this morning. It's midday somewhere in the world.

Do you like Donald Trump? If you thought his presidency is a Kafkaesque nightmare, then Bloomberg has described what might happen if he just got sick of it all and quit.

Have a great weekend!

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