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Free beer: BWS is giving away six-packs

(TOBIAS HASE/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

Alcohol retailer BWS is giving out free six-packs on Friday morning as a promotion for "rare" beers.

According to the Woolworths-owned brand, it had polled thousands of Australians to figure out their favourite obscure beers from around the globe.

The result is a six-pack consisting of different beers from all corners of the world that are not commonly seen in Australian shops.

A limited number of six-packs will be given away for free from 10am on Friday October 18 at just four BWS branches: Balmain (Sydney), Brunswick (Melbourne), Wembley (Perth) and Ashgrove (Brisbane).

The pack includes beers from Japan, the small Himalayan country of Bhutan, Italy, Poland, Mexico and Germany:

  • Weizen: Japanese fruity beer with notes of banana.

  • Namgay Artisanal: Bhutanese red rice lager.

  • Aecht Ochlenferla Rauchbier: German beer with a bacon-like smoke taste and after-taste.

  • Crumble Sour IPA: A smooth and juicy, yet sour beer perfect for the warmer weather, from Poland.

  • Belgian Blonde Ale: A Mexican non-pasteurised light ale with sour citrus on the nose.

  • Barrel Aged Saison: Italian beer aged for seven months, with 60 per cent of it in blended Scotch Whiskey barrels and 40 per cent in Caroni rum barrels.

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