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The best Aldi deals this week

(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi has a loyal following in Australia because of its competitive prices against its old rivals Coles and Woolworths.

After two decades of service in the country, many Australians are now used to buying groceries with strange brand names and putting up with the stress of the super-fast checkouts – all as a trade-off to save money.

But as well as general pricing, the German supermarket has weekly one-off products on sale called "Special Buys", which have seen customers queue before store opening to grab limited stock.

Aldi Australia also has "Super Savers", which are selected grocery products on sale for a particular week.

The discounts on Super Savers are not as steep as the half-price specials at Woolworths and Coles each week – but Aldi groceries are often coming off a lower original price.

Yahoo Finance has picked out the best Special Buys and Super Savers for this week and, for your convenience, listed them all in one place:

Aldi Special Buys (one-offs): Saturday August 24

The Special Buys for this Saturday are dominated by Father's Day gift ideas:

  • Mini Pizza Maker: $99.99

  • Cast Iron Grill or Fry Pan: $14.99

  • Roman King Camp Swag: $129

  • Ugly Stik Elite fishing rod/reel combo: $69.99

  • Roman Big Daddy camping chair: $49.99

  • Berkley fishing tackle bag: $29.99

  • Shimano fishing jersey: $29.99

  • Men's denim jacket: $24.99

  • Men's casual shoes: $19.99

  • Men's sandals: $19.99

  • Men's licensed pyjama set: $14.99

  • Men's denim jeans $14.99

  • Men's long sleeve linen/cotton shirt: $14.99

  • Men's polo shirt: $13.99

(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi Special Buys (one-offs): Wednesday August 28

The one-off offers scheduled for Wednesday are bulk packs of groceries and garden items:

  • See "Giant-sized food: Aldi to be trampled by bulk buyers" for bulk packs of food

  • Telescopic tree pruner: $27.99

  • Drop over greenhouse: $24.99

  • Garden irrigation or sprinkler kit: $19.99

  • Vegetable garden bed: $17.99

  • Multipurpose tarpaulins: $14.99

  • Coiled garden hose set 15m: $14.99

  • Garden fertiliser 3kg: $9.99

  • All-in-one window sill garden kit: $9.99

  • Seed raising pellets 36-pack: $9.99

Aldi Super Savers (groceries)

Most of these have remained the same as last week but are still on sale as of August 22:

  • Beef eye fillet: $19.99 per kg (down from $25.99)

  • Chicken breast fillet 300g: $2.99 ($4)

  • Choceur block chocolate dark, milk hazelnut or milk almond 200g: $1.99 ($2.69)

  • El Tora Taco Kit 370g, El Tora Hard & Soft Taco Kit 355g: $2.99 ($3.69)

  • GoldenVale Omega 3 Crunchy cereal 550g: $2.99 ($3.69)

  • Utopia ice cream almond, mint, salted caramel, vanilla or honeycomb 4-pack: $2.99 ($3.49)

(Image: Aldi Australia)
  • Casa Barelli Thin Crust pizza tandoori chicken or bolognese 338-375g: $3.49 ($3.99)

  • Casa Barelli Stone Baked pizza mozzarella, vegetable or spinach 335-390g: $3.49 ($3.99)

  • Bakers Life Sunny Pikelets 8-pack 200g: $1.69 ($1.99)

  • The Cake Stall Banana Bread slices 5-pack 500g: $3.99 ($4.49)

  • White Mill Super Moist Cake Mix vanilla, choc fudge or Devil’s Food 580g: $2.49 ($2.79)

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