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Yahoo Finance morning wrap for Monday

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Welcome to Monday.

Here’s a run-down of what you need to know to start your week:

Markets: The Australian share market is expected to open higher, after base metals prices rose at the end of last week amid hopes of an easing of trade tensions between the US and China.

The SPI200 futures contract was up 15 points, or 0.26 per cent, to 5743 at 0700 AEDT on Monday, hinting the benchmark ASX/200 will rise .

Aussie dollar: On Monday morning, the Aussie dollar is slightly lower, buying 72.13 US cents from 72.16 US cents on Friday.

Aussie debt: Waiting for payday after the holiday blowout? Well, bill splitting app Beem It estimates Aussies are $6.2 billion in debt to their mates. Time to cough up.

Bank culture: Bankwest has been pivoting to an open-plan office with a culture that rivals that of agile Aussie tech start-ups. The 125 year old bank’s CEO has all but a metal stool and a Lego pencil case to claim as his workspace, the SMH reports.

Super: The Productivity Commission has been keen on a top 10 ‘best-in-show’ shortlist of super funds. If you were wondering what the best six funds are based on performance in the last seven years, here’s a list based on Canstar’s database. And five myths about super – busted.

Tourists: International visitors are flocking to Aussie shores to take advantage of the weak Aussie dollar and the summer sun, according to The New Daily.

US: A South Carolina-based Republican senator has urged US President Donald Trump to reconsider reopening the federal government for a short period to attempt a deal with the Democrats before declaring a national emergency over border security.

Brexit: Over a hundred MEPs (Members of European Parliament) have written a heartfelt letter asking Brits to reconsider Brexit.

“We are reluctant to intervene in your domestic politics, but we cannot help but notice that the opinion polls show a growing number of voters who want an opportunity to reconsider the Brexit decision, now that it is clear that Brexit is very different to the promises made by the Leave campaign nearly three years ago,” the letter says.

P.S. The better part of Australia is about to go through a heat wave. Here’s the optimum temperature you should set your aircon to in order to save nearly $200 on your energy bill.

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