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This aircon mistake is costing Aussies $200

Close up view of hand operating air conditioner remote control. Image: Getty Images
Close up view of hand operating air conditioner remote control. Image: Getty Images

There’s no doubt about it, summer has arrived and it is hot. For a lot of Australians this means hundreds of dollars spent on their air conditioning.

However, you could be spending more than you need to.

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The optimum air conditioning temperature is 25°C, but the average Aussie has theirs set to 22°C, meaning they’re paying an average $187 more, new research from reveals.

Concerningly, 2.3 million Australians leave their aircon on when they’re not at home, with the average Australian wasting nearly an hour every day cooling an empty house. This comes at a cost of nearly $100 per household.

South Australians are the worst offenders, spending around $170 on aircon when there’s no one home, while New South Wales residents are spending the least on unnecessary aircon, with just $88 extra.

How do you stack up?

If you have your air conditioning on from dawn to dusk, you’re probably spending a lot more than most people.

In fact, the average aircon use is 4.3 hours a day and $623 over the course of the summer.

Sounds expensive? There are ways to save.

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As the analysts noted, setting your air conditioning just 1°C higher can save you 10 per cent, while keeping the blinds and curtains closed will also help keep the sunlight out and the house cool.

However, once the sun has gone down, it’s a good idea to open up the house to let cooler air in.

Additionally, fans can help you get through the hotter days if you use them well. For example, if you place your fan in front of an open window during the evening, it will suck cool air into your house.

An even quicker fix is to have a cold shower, and if you wet your hair you’ll stay cooler for even longer.

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