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This hack tells you which Aldi products will go on sale and when

How to know which Aldi products are going on sale - and when. Source: Getty
How to know which Aldi products are going on sale - and when. Source: Getty

Aldi’s middle aisles, or the Bermuda Triangle as I like to call them, are home to the German giant’s ‘Special Buys’.

From lawnmowers to TVs, fridges to coffee machines; Aldi’s Special Buys go on sale every Wednesday and Saturday, and only until stocks last.

It’s not uncommon for items to sell out - and for shoppers to be disappointed.

But some savvy Aussies in the Facebook group Aldi Mums never miss a beat, because they know exactly which products are coming and when.

One member who wasn’t in the know posted to the group: “I’ve noticed posts where members are asking ‘is ____ coming up as a special buy?’ Or ‘when is ____ coming up as a special buy?’ People seem to know the answers. HOW?? Does Aldi have some secret ‘schedule’ for these things that I’m unaware of?”


And this member wasn’t far off by suggesting a secret schedule exists.

“They happen at the same time each year,” one member wrote.

“Happens like clockwork, every year…,” another said.

One member tracked the specials over 18 months, and can confirm they happen at the same time each year.

“I have been keeping track of the specials (well a summary of them, like pool toys, DIY, kitchen accessories) in a Google sheet for about 18 months,” she said. “As others have said, it's often the same/similar every year.”

Yahoo Finance confirmed with Aldi that the Special Buys do in fact repeat at the same or a similar time each year.

“Aldi Special Buys are planned many months in advance and are based around seasonality,

trends and occasions, for example, Mother’s Day,” an Aldi spokesperson said.

“It is not by accident that our Ski Special Buy falls in time for the ski season and our camping gear goes on sale just ahead of spring and later on again in summer.

“Our customers have come to expect when in the year a Special Buy they love will next be on sale.”

But while it’s a good rule of thumb that Special Buys will come out around the same time, the Aldi spokesperson said the website will show you the exact products on special a week in advance.

“We encourage shoppers to stay up-to-date by checking our catalogue and website every Wednesday.”

Aldi Special Buys in 2019

While Yahoo Finance doesn’t have a definitive list of everything that when on sale this year at Aldi, we’ve definitely reported on some of our (and your) favourites.

In August, Aldi’s Special Buys included:

In September, Aldi’s Special Buys included:

In October, Aldi’s Special Buys included:

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