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Aldi special so big you can't even take it home

Image: screenshot from Aldi Australia's promo video

Aldi Australia's twice-weekly special buys always attracts a lot of attention, but an especially big one on sale Wednesday has sparked a fierce debate online.

The supermarket is selling a French door refrigerator for $999, including delivery.

Since you can't take a fridge home in your Aldi trolley, buyers simply pay for the appliance at the check-out, then arrangements are made for home delivery.

The refrigerator has a three (out of six) star energy rating and measures 80cm wide, 1.8m high and 66.5cm deep.

Aldi has even created a video ad with "cafe owner Mel" explaining the different features of the fridge and how to purchase one on Wednesday:

Image: Aldi Australia

Is it a risk to buy such a huge item at Aldi?

Some social media users had no hesitation in endorsing the bargain, saying "I have found my new fridge" and "You want to be there at 8am if you do cause [sic] they will go fast".

Even those with nice existing refrigerators were tempted.

"Why do I feel the need to buy one even though i have my LG one and this is 2k cheaper then [sic] mine. If you don't like aldi your [sic] insane."

But many others were expressing caution at buying such a big-ticket item at Aldi.

"Be careful what you buy... What brand is the fridge?" said one Facebook commenter.

"Normally they use cheap parts that isn't going to last long, which you have to spend more to fix, just like there [sic] TV that they sell."

Another shopper recalled her frustrations with previous Aldi house-brand electrical appliances.

"Having had two Aldi tv’s break down within a few months (and was told I had to pay to post them back to Western Australia from Sydney so they could be inspected for damage) and an Aldi kettle stop working within weeks, I will never again buy anything electronic from Aldi."

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