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JB Hi-Fi employee reveals how to get a discount

JB Hi-Fi employee shares money-saving hacks. Source: Getty

Twenty-one year old Australian JB Hi-Fi employee, Auj Mirza, has taken to social media app TikTok to share her hacks for shopping at the electronics store.

“Tips and hacks if you’re ever shopping at JB Hi-FI,” Mirza and her colleague began.

“Hack number 1: If you want to get served ASAP, go to the Apple desk, because I can guarantee someone will serve you,” she said.

“Hack number 2: If you go to a store and they don’t have the stock of the product, just tell them to transfer the stock in from another store.”

Mirza revealed that JB Hi-Fi employees are able to offer customers discounts on products – but only if they ask.

“Hack number 3: If you want a good price, ask for a discount or a good deal, because we do give discounts,” she said.

And, Mirza urged shoppers not to dress in a ‘hoodie’.

“Hack number 4: Don’t wear a hoodie to JB Hi-Fi, because we are most likely going to think you’re stealing.”

The TikTok video posted by the 21-year-old garnered over 21,000 views overnight, prompting her to post another with a few more tips.

“If you see a product that is cheaper at another store, show us, because we will price match,” she said. 

Yahoo Finance can confirm JB Hi-Fi does have a price match policy.

“We will enthusiastically match the price of an identically stocked competitor product. Negotiable deals are part of our everyday promise,” their policy states.

Mirza’s final tip?

“If you buy a product from JB Hi-Fi and that same product goes on sale, literally bring it back within two weeks and we will refund you the difference.”

Mirza’s tips could come in handy this Friday during the Black Friday sales.

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