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Aldi shift manager reveals insider secrets

Anastasia Santoreneos
Aldi shift manager reveals insider secrets. Source: Getty
Aldi shift manager reveals insider secrets. Source: Getty

Australians love Aldi. So much so, that the German giant is the second-most trusted brand in the entire country.

Members of Aldi Facebook groups love sharing their different hacks and most-loved products from the store, but one member has shared some little-known insider secrets - straight from an Aldi shift manager’s mouth.

Yahoo Finance tracked down the shift manager’s original post in the depths of Reddit.

“I noticed a lot of you love Aldi. I'm a shift manager there. AMA and I'll tell you the truth,” the shift manager stated.

Here are their tips:

How to get the freshest produce

“If you want the freshest produce, arrive when we first open or right after 3pm,” the shift manager said.

“Always dig to the bottom of the pile though, we rotate the old produce to the top. Usually, you can put your hand on the product and if it's not cold then it has been sitting out overnight or throughout the day.

“It doesn't mean it's bad, it's just not the best. Our policy on throwing away bad produce is complete discretion. We ask ourselves ‘Would you buy this?’. If it's anything other than ‘yes’, we pitch it.”

And it’s the same deal when buying meat and bread, the shift manager revealed.

“When buying meat, look at the back of the cooler or the product on the bottom, we put the closest expiration dates in the front to rotate it. Same with bread. The deeper you go the newer it is.”

Sifting through any other products is a waste of time though, they said.

“We don't rotate anything else in the store. If you're digging to the bottom of the chip box you're wasting your time and making our lives miserable. They all have the same dates.”

The secret double guarantee

Aldi has a double guarantee, which means when you return a product, they’ll offer you your money back as well as a similar priced product of your choice.

Officially, Aldi’s returns policy says this: “Any unused product can be returned, together with the original packaging and receipt to an ALDI Store Manager. You will be given a refund of the purchase price and issued a replacement product.”

But the shift manager says the double guarantee could be used for something else too.

“Use this to try new things you'd be hesitant to try anywhere else. If you don't like it, bring it back and we'll give you your money back and a similar priced product of your choice. It's a win win,” they said.

“You either discover something new you like or you get your money back and something you're used to. Example, you want to try our chips. You buy it and think it tastes like crap. We'll give you your $3 back and a free box of cookies.”

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