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Ex-Aldi manager reveals best day to shop

Former Aldi manager reveals the best day to get your groceries done. Source: Getty

A few weeks ago, Yahoo Finance delved into the depths of Reddit to find out what tips one Aldi shift manager had for Aussies. 

“I noticed a lot of you love Aldi. I'm a shift manager there. AMA [Ask Me Anything] and I'll tell you the truth,” the shift manager stated. 

One Reddit user asked whether it mattered which day you shopped – and it turns out, it does. 

“It differs from store to store,” the Aldi manager responded.

“When you're in there, ask what days they get their delivery truck. Those are the days you want to go because that product basically came straight from the farm (or off the boat) to the warehouse then straight to the store.”

But there is one day in particular where shoppers can guarantee they’ll get a good deal: Wednesday. 

“Wednesday is universally the best day to shop at Aldi. New prices roll out every Wednesday and they have new ‘produce picks of the week’ which means that you can get a steal on some produce and other products,” the shift manager stated.

“Since this produce is marked down so cheap, it goes fast so it's always being replaced with new product. It'll never just sit all day without being replenished,” the manager stated. 

And if you do some digging, you’re guaranteed to get the freshest produce.

“If you want the freshest produce, arrive when we first open or right after 3pm,” the shift manager said.

“Always dig to the bottom of the pile though, we rotate the old produce to the top. Usually, you can put your hand on the product and if it's not cold then it has been sitting out overnight or throughout the day.”

The theory checks out: every Wednesday and Saturday, Aldi releases its Special Buys, which are its marked-down products of the week that sit in its famous middle aisles. 

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