Coles shopper saving hundreds a year with this hack

An Aussie mum is saving hundreds each year with this easy Flybuys hack.

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Coles savings hack
A Coles customer has revealed how she saves hundreds each year by using this shopping hack. (Source: Getty/TikTok)

As we all look for ways to cut down costs, one savvy mum has shared her secret to saving hundreds of dollars each year.

Sharing on TikTok, the Aussie mum said she saved at Coles, Kmart and more by using two Flybuys cards at the checkout.

“I have two cards - one in my name and one in my partner’s name,” the Aussie TikToker, known as Rosie, shared.

“If you don’t already have the Flybuys app, you need to download it and you need to look for the kinds of deals where they offer you bonus points.”

Rosie went on to add that she liked to shop online so she could see exactly how much she was spending.

“Then I log onto my Flybuys accounts and I see which one has a deal at the moment and I activate the deal to make sure that I am getting points every single week,” she said.

For instance, in some recent grocery shops she earned 2,000 bonus points, 4,400 bonus points and 6,000 bonus points.

“The bonus of having two cards is sometimes you’ll log in and look at your account and there won’t be a deal available, but if you log into your second account, usually at least one of them is gonna [sic] have a deal,” she said.

By swapping between the two cards, Rosie said Coles may think you’d gone to a competitor and may offer you higher point deals for a lower spend amount.

When ready to redeem her points, Rosie said she transferred them into Flybuys dollars and used them to save at stores like Coles and Kmart. You can currently redeem 2,000 Flybuys Points for 10 Flybuys dollars.

The TikTok has now garnered more than 300,000 views, with Aussies commenting on their own Flybuys success stories.

“Between Velocity and Flybuys, I usually have around $1,000 at the end of each year - it’s our Christmas shopping,” one user commented.

“Me too! I splurged last year and bought myself an Apple Watch with my points,” another said.

“This is how I have almost 400,000 Flybuys points!!” another person commented.

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