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Coles shopper shares little-known hack: ‘Wow this is so good’

An Aussie TikToker has revealed a little-known Coles savings hack.

Coles savings hack TikTok.
Aussie content creator Queenie Tan revealed the little-known Coles hack. (Source: Queenie Tan/Getty)

Want to save some cash on your grocery shopping? You might want to try getting a ‘raincheck’.

Aussie investing TikToker Queenie Tan said she discovered the grocery hack during a recent trip to Coles.

“Coles does this thing called rainchecks. Essentially what happens is if you see something that’s on sale and it’s so cheap that it’s completely sold out, you can ask staff for a raincheck,” Tan explained on a Rask Invest podcast.


“They’ll write down on this little slip of paper what you are looking to buy and the price it is on sale for. Then, the next time it’s in stock, you can actually bring in that slip of paper and buy it for that discounted price.”

Tan said this could be a good hack for groceries you regularly bought that were sold out, such as almond milk.

Coles rainchecks usually last for 30 days after their date of issue and there may be caps on the number of items you can raincheck for a later date.

Customers can ask for a raincheck if a product is advertised in Coles weekly catalogue but unavailable, a Coles spokesperson said. It is not available for items marked 'while stocks last'.

‘I’m doing this’

The TikTok has now racked up more than 500,000 views, with a number of Aussies commenting their surprise at the meaning of “raincheck”.

“This is the first time I’ve actually been taught what a raincheck is,” one person said.

“I legit work at Coles and it’s never been explained to me until now,” another said.

Some Aussies were already aware of the grocery hack, with some saying their mum or dad regularly used it, while others had never heard of it.

“How is this a hack?? Rainchecks have been around for 30 years or so,” one person said.

“Dang I’m doing this, grapeseed oil is half price and two stores this week are out of stock,” another person said.

“Wow this is so good,” another commented.

Do Woolworths and ALDI offer rainchecks?

Woolworths and ALDI do not offer rainchecks to customers. Woolworths and Coles both stopped offering rainchecks during the pandemic. Woolworths decided to not bring back the policy, while Coles has resumed it.

“For customers seeking value we have thousands of specials a week in our stores, and we continue to collaborate with our supplier partners to have sufficient stock to meet customer demand for our very popular promotions,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, ALDI said it didn’t offer rainchecks and instead offered “permanently low prices” across its grocery range.

“This means more savings year-round for shoppers, without the need for ‘raincheck policies’. At ALDI there is clarity on what the best pricing is, and it’s the prices we put on our products day in day out - no tricks, no gimmicks,” a spokesperson said.

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