Woolworths shopper's hack reduces $602 grocery bill to just $62

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Woolworths store
One savvy Woolworths shopper managed to drastically reduce the cost of her Christmas groceries. (Source: Getty)

A Western Australian woman has shared her hack for saving hundreds of dollars on a Christmas grocery haul, explaining how she walked out of her local Woolworths with $602 worth of groceries for just $62.

Posting on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group, the woman revealed the majority of her savings came from using the Everyday Rewards app's popular "Bank for Christmas" feature. By squirreling away all the $10 credits she earned through the year, she'd managed to save up $470 worth of them.

She also activated an 8x points booster, earning her at least another 4,800 Everyday Rewards points and another $20 off her grocery purchase.

Savvy shoppers should be familiar with banking points for Christmas and using points boosters, but the last $50 the woman saved was from a service that launched earlier in the year to little fanfare: Everyday Extra, a premium Everyday Rewards membership costing either $59 a year or $7 per month ($89 annually).

The idea of paying Woolworths a monthly or annual fee may seem strange at first but, as the woman pointed out in a previous post, Everyday Extra actually offered shoppers incredible value. Aside from the three points Everyday Extra members earned on every shop (as opposed to one point for a standard membership), the program also gave savvy shoppers 10 per cent off a nominated shop each month, up to a maximum of $50. The 10 per cent saving was also available for members once a month at Big W.

Fellow discount enthusiasts were in awe of the shopper's clever saving trick and offered similar success stories. One Everyday Rewards member explained how she essentially bought $520 worth of groceries for free by using her 10 per cent monthly discount and $420 worth of saved Christmas rewards. With points earned on the shop boosted to five times their original value, she banked $70 worth of points.

"Essentially, I made $20 for doing my shopping," she commented.

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