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The best Aldi specials this week

(Images: Aldi Australia)

Aldi's greatest strength over Woolworths and Coles, at least in the public's eyes, is its consistently low prices.

Fans of the German supermarket queue outside stores before opening to grab the limited-stock Special Buys homewares. Super Saver grocery deals are also a hit, although the discounts aren't quite as heavy as Woolworths and Coles' half-price deals.

Recent research even found that Australian shoppers had an "emotional connection" to Aldi that Coles and Woolworths could only dream about.

Yahoo Finance has again marched through the aisles to select this week's best Super Savers and Special Buys:

Aldi Special Buys: Saturday October 12

  • Kitchen appliances and gardening gear dominate Saturday's batch:

  • Refrigerator top mount 221L: $299

  • Interchangeable chest refrigerator-freezer 200L: $299

  • Beverage fridge 48L with glass door: $179

  • Espresso machine: $149

  • Blender 1000W: $59.99

  • Lawn mower petrol 161cc: $149

  • Vintage planter with stand: $99.99

  • Chainsaw petrol 45cc: $99.99

  • Blower vacuum petrol 25.4cc: $99.99

  • Line trimmer petrol 25.4cc: $89.99

  • Worm house: $59.99

Aldi Special Buys: Wednesday October 16

Children's clothing and books, plus Halloween paraphernalia will be on sale Wednesday:

  • Sleepy Friend night light: $14.99

  • Bonds Ballet Suit: $12.99

  • Bonds Wonderbodies 2-pack: $12.99

  • Bonds Wondersuit: $10.99

  • Bonds Baby Chesty Suit: $10.99

  • Children's sandals: $9.99

  • Children's rocking chair: $59.99

  • Big children's books: $9.99

  • Little People Big Dreams children's books: $7.99

(Image: Aldi Australia)
  • Children's flip books: $7.99

  • Children's picture books: $4.99

  • Children's Halloween costumes: $14.99

  • Day of the dead garden statues: $14.99

  • Spooky string light 255cm: $9.99

  • Allen's Red Skins 800g: $9.99

  • Allen's Sherbies 850g: $9.99

  • Joocers Gummy Body Parts 50-pack 250g: $3.99

  • Joocers Gummy Bugs N Grubs 50-pack 250g: $3.99

(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi Super Savers (groceries)

After three weeks of the same items, new Super Savers have appeared as of October 10:

  • Yoguri Greek-style yoghurt plain, vanilla, passionfruit, strawberry or mango 170g: 99c (down from $1.49)

  • Lamb loin chops: $18.99 per kg (was $22.99)

  • Crumbed chicken tenders 400g: $4.99 (was $6.99)

  • Bakers Life large wraps white or wholemeal 8-pack 560g: $2.49 (was $3.49)

(image: Aldi Australia)
  • Choceur block chocolate 200g milk, white or coffee & cream: $1.99 (was $2.69)

  • Milfina Mini Frozen yoghurt sticks 14-pack 504g: $2.99 (was $3.99)

  • Belmont crispy biscuit bars milkshake, brownie caramel or buttonbix 6-pack: $2.49 (was $2.99)

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