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This Australian house was accidentally listed for $17 trillion, and Reddit noticed

For a time, this house was most expensive property in Australia, hands down. (Source: Reddit/mel_boo_bah/, Getty)

Houses in Melbourne can vary in price, depending on where you’re looking.

The cheapest house on is going for just $75,000, a house in Ouyen, Victoria that’s nearer to Mildura than Melbourne, whereas one of the pricier properties on the market is this $25 million skyscraper apartment located in Melbourne’s South Yarra.

But, for a time, Melbourne’s most expensive property was this three-bedroom one-bathroom house on 14 Benghazi Avenue, Ashburton.


A screenshot of the property listing, which appears to state a selling price of $16,800,001,840,000, was posted by Reddit user mel_boo_bah onto the social content sharing website.


Just hours after the screenshot was posted, other Reddit users jumped on the mistake.

“Good thing I set my filter for prices between $16,500,000,000,000 to $17,000,000,000,000,” one joked.

“Maybe if these young families stopped eating smashed avo on toast for brunch every weekend they'd be able to afford it,” said Reddit user very_sneaky.

User Insolvable_Judo asked how much deposit they would need at 20 per cent.

“You would only need a measly $3.3T dollars for a 20% deposit or, roughly the GDP of France,” Gmuff replied.

Lyravus jumped in with: “Brb. Invading France”.

FacelessAxiom expressed his exasperation about the property agent, George Trakas, who listed the property. “You had one job, George! One job!”

Osteo_Warrior made a comment about the property market’s recent bounceback.

“And people were saying we are in a downturn.”

What’s the property’s real price?

Of course, the property’s actual price is somewhat more modest, though it’s still asking for more than a million and a half dollars.

The price range of the property starts at $1,680,000 and goes up to $1,840,000, indicating the multi-trillion-dollar price tag was clearly an error.

It’s slightly higher than the median house price in the Ashburton area, which is $1,525,000, according to

At time of writing, the house is still listed for sale.

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