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This $99 holiday item from Aldi is set to cause 'a mass stampede'

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If you see a lot of 4x4s and intrepid seniors at your local Aldi this weekend, there’s a good reason why.

The store is hosting its massive caravanning and road-tripping gear sale this Saturday, and according to those who have previously attended, it’s going to be big.

“It was a bit of a tea and bun fight,” a shopper called ‘Cyclone’ wrote on an Aldi caravanning specials forum.

Another user, BennyT50 said people had set up chairs with tea, coffee and sandwiches while waiting for the store to open.

The stores will sell camping items from picnic rugs to bug zappers to solar panels.

However it’s the $99 caravan cover that is setting off the real frenzy.

Caravan covers generally retail for between $250 and $320, although eBay does have some for $97.95.

Source: Aldi

The cover sales, which come with weighted buckles and reinforced corners, have been known to cause “mass stampedes”, shoppers have related.

“[The cover is] good value, wife got me one last time but is still recovering from the mass stampede and fights of grumpy old men. She is in rehab!” Mally wrote on the same forum.

On another forum Carol wrote she and her hubby were left “shell shocked” by the frenzy.

“[My] neighbor had one van cover reefed out of his reach and my hubby managed to grab one for us,” she said.

Another caravanner said they were at their local store by 7:45 (the store opened at 8:30) only to see the caravan covers sell out in five minutes to the 200 customers waiting.

And on the Expandas Down Under forum, one holiday-maker described their visit as “running the gauntlet”.

“It was certainly an experience,” they said.

“We managed to pick up a caravan cover, chairs, 240v/12v tv, floor mats and tables. I just can’t believe how PASSIONATE and abusive some people get, wow certainly some people need to have a look and have some simple manners.”

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