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17 things we learnt about the Aussie property market in 2018

Samantha Menzies
Senior editor – Finance
17 things we learnt about the Aussie property market in 2018. Source: Getty Images

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for the Australian property market, with prices taking a pummelling, tighter mortgage lending shutting many buyers out the market, and talk of a recession on the horizon.

Here Yahoo Finance has put together a list of the top property stories of 2018.

The suburbs where property values halved since 2008: Australia’s worst-performing suburbs have one thing in common, and it’s bad news for those living in mining regions. Is your suburb on the list? 

Warning: Houses in this city will fall $80,000 by 2021: All Australian capitals could see tens of thousands wiped off. Waiting for prices to fall might not be enough, thanks to a “chronic undersupply” of suitable housing.

43 Aussie suburbs with the highest bankruptcy: While the number of Australians declaring bankruptcy has decreased in the three months to October, some suburbs are doing better than others. Is your area on the list?

The apartment projects BLACKLISTED by a major Aussie bank: An undisclosed major bank has a blacklist of 6700 apartment projects across Australia. The projects are where buyers are either refused loans or are offered reduced loan to value ratios. Is your suburb on the list?

6 reasons our housing market will not crash: Are property prices in Melbourne and Sydney really going to fall by 40 percent? If you believe recent reports about the Aussie property market falling off a cliff, we’re really in for some trouble. But it’s not the whole story.

Will falling house prices trigger the next Aussie recession? It is remarkably obvious that house prices will continue to fall and this poses a range of risks to the economy.” 

Here’s how much further Aussie property prices need to fall for you to get on the ladder: There is finally some air seeping out of our property bubble, but first home buyers need a bigger house price crash. 

CBA delivers fresh blow to property market: CommBank sends more shivers through the Aussie property market, scrapping lending to self-managed super funds 

2018 housing declines hit these suburbs hardest: Property prices are taking a hammering across the country, and it’s not over yet. 

Westpac is ditching risky property investors, giving them a month to find a new lender: The bank is giving some investors less than one month to find another lender amid growing concerns about the health of our property market. 

Is Australia in the next stage of the property cycle? Our Yahoo7 Finance property expert gives a state-by-state roundup of our property market. 

Is the Aussie housing market about to blow up? Burst dramatically, or deflate slowly – here’s why you’re at risk. 

These two charts show you whether your property is growing or falling in value: Sydney and Melbourne are on a downward slope, but that doesn’t mean every other region is following. In fact, if you’re a house-owner in Adelaide, you’re in a rising market and if you’re an apartment-owner in Albury your market is approaching its peak.

Neighbours join forces to sell homes as $60m “super site”: It’s no longer a seller’s market, in Sydney at least. Here’s what these Baulkham Hills residents did instead 

5 reasons it’s a scary time to be paying off a mortgage: A rate rise here, or a pay cut there, and you could be vulnerable to defaulting on your repayments. 

20 worst Aussie property crash predictions: Spruikers, economists and attention-seekers have a remarkably bad track record in forecasting what will happen in our property markets. 

Australia’s housing downturn is worse than we thought: It’s in the worst shape in the last 40 years – Sydney and Melbourne housing prices are now more likely to fall by 15-20% from the peak.

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