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    Signs a global recession could be on the cards

    The US Fed is blaming "ongoing high inflation" for its latest interest rate hike, but it's neglecting to consider the impact of falling commodity prices, writes Stephen Koukoulas.

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    Friday essay: how policies favouring rich, older people make young Australians Generation F-d

    Working to buy your own home is a rite of passage in Australia, firmly rooted in a time when government delivered plentiful, affordable housing. Following the senseless poverty and destitution inflicted by price-gouging landlords during the Depression, we created a better, more equitable housing system after World War II. Up until the mid-1970s, government took a hands-on approach to housing, constructing homes for people to buy or rent at low cost. Investors weren’t prioritised over the rights

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    Woolworths customer stunned by price of basic shop: 'Price gouging'

    A Woolies customer's modest grocery shop has left him with a staggering bill.