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You can now charge your company for lunch, thanks to Uber Eats

Images: Uber Eats, Getty
Images: Uber Eats, Getty

Uber Eats has already claimed your takeaway Fridays and now it wants to claim your lunch money too, with a new feature allowing workers to charge their company for Uber Eats lunches.

Uber Eats for Business launched this week, after operating in the US and Canada since November 2018.

Like Uber for Business, it allows users to direct payment to their company, rather than their own credit card.

But it’s not a free-for-all, Uber Eats for Business allows companies and individual teams to set limits and monitor worker spending.

It also allows companies to set up automated programs for lunch meetings, late night meals or another option to room-service for employees on work trips.

“Whether employees want to save on room service bills and order a Poke Bowl to their hotel room after a long day of business travel or managers want to treat their team to Friday lunchtime pizza, we can’t wait to see how Eats for Business opens up the way that companies think about snacks and meals for employees and in meetings, in the same way that it’s impacted how we eat at home,” the head of Uber for Business, Georgia Foster said.

According to SAP Concur data, Uber Eats as an expense line item has increased 194 per cent over the past year.

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