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Woolworths customer scores $142 grocery haul for just $14: 'Jackpot'

Fellow bargain hunters were blown away by the hefty markdowns.

Marked down grocery haul, Woolworths storefront
"Awesome score, never have I seen it that cheap," one Facebook user said of the Woolworths haul. (Source: Facebook, Getty) (Facebook/Getty)

A savvy Queensland shopper has scored the grocery bargain of a lifetime, purchasing $142 worth of meat and dairy for only $14 from her local Woolworths store.

During her visit to the Capalba Woolies, the customer made the most of substantial discounts available on a range of items, including two lamb roasts. Originally priced at over $20 each, these were marked down to a mere $2.14 and $2.37 respectively.

Equally impressive were lamb cutlets and diced lamb, both originally priced over $13, reduced to just over $2 each. The shopper also snagged yoghurts priced at $1.45 and 60c for quick sale, as well as milk and cream for under $1 each, a ready-to-eat chicken curry meal for $1.50 and chorizo for $1.30.

"One of my best bargains," the happy customer wrote alongside a photo of her hugely discounted grocery haul on Facebook, expressing particular satisfaction with the discounted meat.

Fellow shoppers were astonished at the savings. "What a win!" exclaimed one Facebook user, while another remarked, "You hit a jackpot."

Several others chimed in, sharing disappointment that their local supermarkets never offer such low prices on meat. "My local Woolworths never discounts like this," one complained.

Safety concerns

Amidst the discussion, questions arose about the freshness and safety of discounted products approaching their expiry, particularly since the best-before dates on the meat items in the haul coincided with the day of purchase.

To alleviate concerns, the original poster reassured, "I doubt they are fresh, but definitely they are edible. Otherwise, I think Woolworths would be in trouble. I have already put all the meat in the freezer."

It's worth noting that Food Standards Australia New Zealand, the regulatory authority responsible for establishing and maintaining food safety protocols in both countries, denotes the difference between "use by" and "best before" dates on its website.

The organisation clarifies that foods marked with a "use-by" date must be consumed before that date for health and safety reasons, as they may pose risks if consumed afterward.

On the other hand, foods with a "best before" date can still be consumed beyond that date as long as they remain fit for human consumption, even if some quality may have been lost.

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