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Wedding on a budget? Here are 6 bridal dresses under $300

(Image sources: Lulus, Getty)

Weddings are expensive enough as it is — and that’s before you even factor in the bridal gown with the five-figure price tag.

Showpo has been hinting at the launch of its own bridal gown range for a while now, and word on the street is that they’ll go for $200 apiece when it launches in May.

The online fashion store follows in the footsteps of ASOS, Missguided and Reformation which have already released an affordable wedding dress range.

But if you’re a bride-to-be in a hurry and you need a dress quick-smart, here are six jaw dropping wedding gowns under $300. And your guests won’t even be able to guess they’re not designer:

The modern cape: $101 (ASOS)

(Source: ASOS)

The open-back bohemian: $151 (ASOS)

(Source: ASOS)

The beachside bride: $182 (Lulus)

(Source: Lulus)

The pearl: $234 (Lulus)

(Source: Lulus)

The sweetheart: $249 (Lulus)

(Source: Lulus)

The classic v-neck tulle: $295 (BHLDN)

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