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Top 10 most untrustworthy Aussie professions

Samantha Menzies
Top 10 most untrustworthy Aussie professions

Nurses, doctors, pharmacists and engineers continue to be among the most highly regarded and trustworthy professions in 2016, but down on the other end of the spectrum, there are some workers that haven’t fared so well.

According to Roy Morgan Research, which interviewed 655 people to find out the trustworthiness of 30 professions in regards of ethics and honesty, the majority of professions surveyed had increased while four professions decreased and three remained the same.

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Among the losers in 2016 were Ministers of Religion 35% (down 4%); down from a high of 59% in 1996 when they were first included and now at the lowest they have ever been rated.

Bank Managers also fell to 30% (down 4%, and down 13% since 2014); the lowest since 2002 (a record low of 29%) and well below their rating in 1988 of 54%.

But when it comes to the top 10 most untrusted professions, it was car salesmen which topped the list for the 35th year in a row, with just 4% of people finding them ‘trustworthy’.

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Advertising people, real estate agents and insurance brokers weren’t far behind with only 9%, 10% and 11% respectively.

Meanwhile, Union Leaders 13% (down 1%) following last year’s Royal Commission into union corruption, making it the 5th most untrusted profession.

Top 10 most untrusted Aussie professions

  1. Car salesman
  2. Advertising people
  3. Real estate agents
  4. Insurance brokers
  5. Union leaders
  6. Stock brokers
  7. State MP’s
  8. Federal MP’s
  9. TV reporters
  10. Newspaper journalists