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Tigerair’s $1 return flight sale is back for Christmas

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The silly season means Christmas has come early for shoppers thanks to businesses that are slashing prices off of products and services.

And Tigerair is celebrating Christmas by offering return flights to some domestic destinations for less than the cost of your coffee.

The cheapest tickets start from Sydney to the Gold Coast (or vice versa) for $74 and Melbourne to Hobart for $78, and the more expensive routes of the sale are Melbourne to Perth for $195.

Here’s the full list of routes and fares:

Tigerair's $1 return flight sale, just in time for Christmas 2019. (Source: TigerAir)

But your flight back will cost you just $1, meaning that even the most expensive ticket will still only set you back less than $200.

The sale has already kicked off and ends on Friday 6 December, or until tickets sell out. Note that the $1 fares won’t be available for all days or flights.

The travel period is between late April to late June, meaning you can plan your trip to warmer parts of Australia as the winter chill starts to creep in.

Tigerair is a low-budget airline, meaning checked baggage and meals won’t be included in the price of your ticket.

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