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Tigerair drops domestic flight deals from $39.95

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Virgin Australia low-budget cousin Tigerair is turning 12 years old – and it’s dropping flights around the country for under a $100 note.

The airline’s sale, which started at noon today, brings down the price of one-way fares to as low as $39.95 on some routes including Melbourne–Sydney, Sydney–Gold Coast, Adelaide–Melbourne, Sydney–Brisbane and Canberra–Melbourne.

While not all routes have that price-tag, other routes are being lowered to $69.95, with the most expensive route flights costing $99.95 at most.

The sale will last all week and conclude midday Saturday (23 November) or until seats are sold out.

Here’s a list of the flight routes as part of the birthday sale:

(Source: Tigerair)

The travel period is from late January or early February to late March, meaning you can book a last-minute summer holiday without splurging on flights.

However, customers should be warned that they might be slugged with some credit/debit card payment fees and booking and service fees at the point of payment.

As Tigerair is a budget airline, you’ll have to buy an in-flight meal and check-in luggage separately.

Qantas is also in the middle of a birthday sale of its own. The national carrier is celebrating its 100th birthday, and is granting some customers round-trip flights from the US for just US$100.

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