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This grocery hack could save you $50 every bill

Here's the grocery hack saving Aussie mums over $50 each shop. Source: Getty

Grocery shopping can get pretty pricey – particularly when you have several hungry mouths to feed. 

But there’s one top tip the Australian mothers of Mums Who Budget & Save swear by: click-and-collect. 

When asked whether members saved cash buying their groceries online through click-and-collect, the members replied with a resounding ‘yes’.

The reason shoppers are saving cash is because it’s easier to stick to a budget - and you’re not tempted to buy unnecessary things. 

“I have noticed I am saving money doing click and collect, plus it’s so much easier,” one mum responded. 

“100% yes,” another said. “You can follow exactly what you are spending the entire time and you find it so much easier to stick to your budget. Not tempted by specials on snacks!!”

One mum found her in-store shops amounted to between $170 and $200, while her click and collect shops ended up being between $120 and $140 - a price drop of over $50.

Some felt Aldi was a better way to save cash. 

“I don’t do click and collect. I shop at Aldi and save bucket loads,” one user said.

“Aldi is cheaper,” added another.

But, they warned the middle aisles at Aldi could leave you out of pocket.

“When I shop in-store at Aldi I always buy extra stuff lol.”

The budgeting crimes that will cost you

Earlier this month, Yahoo Finance spoke to the admin of the group, Rachel Hallett, who shared her budgeting crimes.

The ‘crimes’ included failing to create meal plans, failing to write a shopping list, and shopping while hungry – all which contributed to a bigger grocery bill.

“I’m not overly strict but to reach our financial goals we need to have a plan. The grocery budget is one of the easiest ways to lower household spending and you often don’t have to let if affect your nutrition or lifestyle,” Hallett told Yahoo Finance.

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