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One woman's saving tip has Aussie mums in stitches

'Don't have kids' is this Aussie mum's number one tip. Source: Getty

One Aussie mum needed some top savings tips, and looked in the best place for it - Facebook group Mums Who Budget & Save.

The mum asked the Facebook group what their best savings tips were, and got a hilarious response from one mum, leaving everyone in stitches.

“Don’t have kids,” the mum said. “I have 3. I’m an authority on it.”

And she wasn’t the only one who thought so.

“5 here.... DON’T DO IT!!!” Another mum responded.

“Could have told me that 3 kids ago!!” Another said.

And they might be on to something: A 2016 study found the average cost to raise a child to 17 in Australia is $297,700.

And for a family with two parents and two kids, this works out to an extra $340 per week.

As of 2019, depending on how long you or your spouse need to leave the workforce, your household could forfeit over $300,000 in income - bringing the average up to just under $600,000, Finder revealed.

But while the comment may have been just for laughs, here are 10 other tips that these Aussie mums stick to.

  1. Act your wage

  2. Meal planning - and sticking to it

  3. Read the Barefoot Investor

  4. Don’t pay full price for anything

  5. If you can’t pay for it in full, don’t buy it

  6. Stick to ‘needs’ not ‘wants’

  7. Cook as much as you can

  8. Stay away from Kmart

  9. Go to the supermarket toward the end of the night - you might be able to snag some markdown items

  10. Save first, then live

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