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1 million Telstra customers on old plans will get bonus data every month for free

Customers queuing outside a Telstra Store on George St, on the morning the iPhone 6 was launched. (Source: Getty)

More than one million Telstra customers are in for a treat: the major telco is upgrading your mobile plan for free.

Telstra announced today that it was giving between 15 to 60 gigabytes of free mobile data every month to “over a million eligible customers” on old plans.

“We know how easy it is to smash through a gig of data,” the telco said in a statement, acknowledging that customers were now using mobile data to listen to Spotify during their commute, checking social media apps and emails, and stream Netflix.

“The things you find you do with your mobile data today might be vastly different than when you signed up for your current mobile plan, as new apps or the extra features of a new phone quickly become everyday habits,” Telstra stated.

“We’re giving over a million eligible customers between 15GB and 60GB of extra data per month, so you can do more of what you love without feeling the pressure of reaching your data limit earlier.”

Around 150,000 customers have already received the free data upgrade.

Am I eligible?

Not everyone will get the free data: it seems to be just for customers on old plans, a Telstra spokesperson indicated.

“We look at customers with older plans and low data allowances and bestow them the bonus data,” the spokesperson told Yahoo Finance.

Over a million Telstra customers will get the bonus data, and the only way you’ll know you get it is if Telstra notifies you via email or SMS.

“We’ll be rolling out this extra data in three phases between now and January.”

On top of the 150,000 Australians who have already received the bonus data, 350,000 will get the upgrade from “late August” and the rest – another half a million Telstra customers – will get the extra data “later this year”.

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