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Australian mint releases lucky coins for ‘sensitive’ people

Is this your year? Images: Royal Australian Mint

If you were born in 2008, 1996, 1984 or 1972, next year is your year.

2020 will mark the year of the rat, and the Royal Australian Mint is getting in on the Chinese Zodiac action, releasing a set of coins to celebrate the “clever, outgoing and sensitive people” born in the year of the rat.

The mint will release a set of coins including a 50c coin and a $1 coin.

“With this beautiful set of two uncirculated coins, the Royal Australian Mint celebrates the 2020 Year of the Rat, which is the first sign of the Chinese lunar zodiac,” the mint said.

“It is a perfect and traditional gift for anyone born under this sign, said to be clever, sensitive, self-aware and charming. One design features the sharp-witted Rat surrounded by lucky lychee while the other depicts all twelve lunar animals and the symbol Fu (happiness).”

Those born under the rat have number two as their lucky number, making 2020 a very good year for them.

And if you’re feeling really lucky, you could splash out on the $2,995 Gold Domed $100 coin.

It’s not cheap, but according to the mint, this is the “perfect auspicious gift”.

“According to Chinese tradition, the Emperor of Heaven challenged the animals to a race. The smart, persuasive Rat hitched a ride with the Ox and won the honour of being the first sign of the twelve-year lunar calendar,” the mint said.

“This stunning $100 domed gold coin celebrates the 2020 Year of the Rat: the perfect auspicious gift for the brilliant Rat in your life or a lucky addition to any collection.”

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