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More Aussies to take on side hustles, extra jobs

Aussies like Kelly Warne are working multiple jobs and chasing their passions.

Kelly Warne at work doing her side hustle.
Aussies like Kelly Warne are picking up side hustles and working multiple jobs. (Source: Supplied/KEVE Store)

More Aussies than ever before are taking on second jobs or starting a side hustle, and it looks like that’ll soon become the norm.

New research from LinkedIn found more than two-thirds of workers thought most professionals would have a side hustle and hold multiple jobs in the future.

More than half of the 1,000 workers surveyed said their main worry was that their wages wouldn’t keep up with the rising cost of living over the next 20 years.


While many Aussies are taking on extra jobs to offset rising costs, others are looking to fuel their own passion projects outside their normal 9-5 jobs.

Kelly Warne works full-time hours for a not-for-profit allied health organisation, and has two extra jobs on the go.

She recently launched her own business KEVE Store, an online homewares and handmade glass furniture store, which she works on at night. She also works one day on the weekend doing bookkeeping, which she took on for her own personal development.

“It’s definitely a lot and there are moments in time where it can feel overwhelming having so much going on. It can take away from your own personal goals, for instance, going to the gym or socialising. But I do think the benefits outweigh the negative aspect of working that much,” Warne said.

“My side hustle is out of passion, and my 9-5 pays the bills. However, the idea of my side hustle providing a second form of income for me is a huge motivator.”

Rise of the ‘entre-ployee’

Future of work expert Dr Ben Hamer said Australia was seeing the rise of the ‘entre-ployee’ - employees that spend time on side hustles in areas they are passionate about, alongside their main job.

“They’re those individuals that still want the security and stability of permanent work but might be developing their own app or business on the side,” Hamer said.

“Previously, organisations would have discouraged this, with the belief that it may distract them or take them away from their core job, as well as blurring the lines as far as intellectual property is concerned.

“But now, we’re seeing that these individuals tend to be both high performers and critical for driving the innovation culture, so companies are looking at how they can not only retain them but support them with their other interests too.”

Warne said she received a positive response from her employer when she told them about her business.

“They actually adjusted a lot of the tasks within my own role so that everything I am doing is a transferable skill that can be used for my own business in the future,” she said.

According to LinkedIn, more than half of workers believe companies will place more value on soft skills over hard skills in the future.

Some of the skills of the future included flexibility and adaptability, digital literacy and critical thinking.

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