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These jobs that don’t exist yet could end up on your resumé

This is what the jobs of the future will look like. (Source: Getty)
This is what the jobs of the future will look like. (Source: Getty)

We hear a lot about how old jobs are being phased out of existence, to be replaced by entirely new roles.

But what do those roles actually look like?

A future where you – or, more likely, your children – might be hired as an autonomous vehicle designer, cyborg psychologist, space tourism operator, or robot ethicist isn’t that great a leap of the imagination, according to a new joint report by Ford Australia, Deakin University and Griffith University.


The report names and describes a hundred potential job titles that give a taste of what kind of roles would exist in the sectors of technology, law, business, environment, ‘people’, urban, agriculture, health, data, experience, and space.

“With a boom in emerging industries and new technologies such as robotics, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, many of the jobs today’s younger generation will do don’t even exist yet,” said Deakin University STEM lecturer in Peta White.

To prepare for the future, members of the workforce will have to work with robots, not compete with them for jobs, added Deakin University professor and chair of science education Russell Tytler.

Here’s a glimpse of what some jobs in your sector could look like in the future that could find itself on your own resumé one day, selected from the report’s full 100:

Business and law

  • AI intellectual property negotiator: “Negotiate for the ownership of new technologies, products, software, or other creative outputs”

  • Blockchain talent analyst: “Work with employers to figure out what kind of person they want for a role and find the right person for the job using talent analytics algorithms”

  • Drone airspace regulator: “Develop road rules for the sky, ensuring drones can be operated safely and efficiently”

  • Fusionist: “Design approaches to bring together professionals from art, engineering, research, science, and other disciplines to create innovative ideas, experiences, and solutions to complex problems”

  • Trendwatcher: “What is likely to happen next, and how to make the most of it”


  • De-extinction geneticist: “Restore extinct animal and plant species, in order to rebalance ecosystems, improve agriculture, and create designer pets”

  • Flood control engineer: “Work with multiple flood management systems in a world where global sea levels have risen and extreme weather is commonplace”

  • Weather control engineer: “Ensure a planet's climate is able to support the many different ecosystems that exist upon it”

  • Aged persons climate solutions consultant: “Work with government, councils, and elderly people to design strategies to guard against the effects of extreme weather on elderly populations”


  • Genetics coach: “Help people understand their genetic profiles and the impact of genes on their health and wellness”

  • Health shaper: “Work with clients to build health solutions customised to their lives and needs”

  • Virtual surgeon: “Perform surgery using robotics and virtual technologies”

  • Memory optimiser: “Augment people's working memory capacities through digital implant technologies, and judicious memory erasure”

  • Data-based medical diagnostician: “Specialise in making sense of data in order to make medical diagnoses in complex cases or where the patient has mysterious symptoms”


  • AI educator: “Help people make the most of artificial intelligence, including learning how to use digital tools and data, and how to work with digital and robotic assistants”

  • Aged health carer of the future: “Ensure the quality of life of elderly people”

  • Digital memorialists and archivists: “Work with a deceased person's surviving family members and loved ones to determine which parts of their digital identity should live on publicly, which should be retained by the family, and which should be archived”

  • Aesthetician: “Help people enhance their physical appearances using the latest in biochemistry and fashion technology”

  • Cyborg psychologist: “Work with people who have synthetic organs, robotic limbs, and body implants, to help them come to terms living as cyborgs”


  • Autonomous vehicle profile designer: “Custom design vehicles to suit the individual’s needs and tastes of the vehicle owner”

  • Human habitat designer: “Develop and design land and built environments to create effective living and working arrangements in large settlements”

  • Massive 3D printed building designer: “Design and build large structures using 3D printing technology”

  • Biometric security solutions engineer: “Create individualised biometric signatures to use when accessing digital and physical access points, replacing online passwords and physical keys”


  • Agroecological farmer: “Grow crops and biofuel, while restoring agricultural balance”

  • Bio-jacker: They are “genetic engineers, undertaking precision genome editing of plants and animals, including humans”

  • Cricket farmer: “Monitor, maintain and breed crickets for healthy, high-protein food production”

  • Farm safety advisor: “Reduce farm accidents and injuries”


  • Offworld habitat designer: “Create habitable buildings and environments on other planets”

  • Terraforming microbiologist: “Make other planets habitable”


  • Digital implant designer: “Create body hacks that will be implanted into people's bodies and brains to ensure their health and enhance their lifestyles”

  • Ethical hacker: “Identify weaknesses in cybersecurity systems to find and fix potential security risks and fight off attackers”

  • Integrated home technology brokers: “Work with households to design home support solutions that include household robots, data management and privacy, body implants for family members, and home controls”

  • Robot ethicist: “Address ethical issues associated with artificial intelligence, robots, cyborg technologies, and augmented/virtual reality”

  • Smart dust wrangler: “Program swarms of 'smart dust' to assist with surveillance, ecology restoration, and pollution control”


  • Forensic data analyst: “Dig into data produced in and around a crime scene, and follow data trails to understand what happened in a crime”

  • Data storage solutions designer: “Draw on a variety of innovative and fast changing data storage systems to create purpose built solutions for clients”

  • Data waste recycler: “Receive data recommended for deletion from companies, communities and individuals, and review it to see if it can be recycled for other purposes”

  • Freelance virtual clutter organiser: “Help to manage a person's virtual clutter and data”


  • Analogue experience guide: “Help people unplug from digital life and reconnect with the natural world, without digital implants or augmented reality

  • Space tourism operator: “Lead real-life tours across the solar system”

  • Haptic technology designer: “Create realistic touch control, touch sensing, and motion tracking to virtual and augmented reality”

  • Media remixer: “Combine a variety of media from across time to create blended one-of-a-kind products or experiences”

  • Virtual assistant personality designer: “Custom-program virtual assistants and tailor them to their client's needs”

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