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The 10 rising job skills you’ll need for the future, according to LinkedIn

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Australia won’t escape the robot revolution – so what skills will we need to have in order to stay relevant and ahead of the pack?

Most of the skills of tomorrow’s workforce will be tech-related, although some non-tech skills stand out, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Future of Skills report.

LinkedIn identified 10 ‘rising skills’, so-called because they have seen exponential growth in the last few years among professionals and will potentially see wide-scale adoption in the future, the report said.

And the lack of talent with these skills is alarming.

The skills that got you to where you are today aren’t going to be the same skills that you’ll need in the future, LinkedIn pointed out.

For instance, where the skill of software engineering management ranked highly in 2016 but came down the following year, skills like artificial intelligence (AI), big data and cloud computing have been climbing up the ranks in recent years.

So here are the 10 skills to brush up on if you want to be hireable in the years to come, according to LinkedIn;

1. Compliance

Jobs that use this skill: chief data officer, compliance officer, risk management officer

What is it? This skill involves ensuring a company is compliant with regulatory and legal requirements.

2. Social media marketing

Jobs that use this skill: digital marketing specialist, marketing manager, social media marketing specialist

What is it? Professionals who are social media marketing guns can effectively promote products and services through social media platforms to drive business goals.

3. Continuous integration

Jobs that use this skill: DevOps engineer, full-stack engineer, software engineer

What is it? Those with this skill are able to integrate codes into one shared ‘repository’ in order to detect problems in real-time.

4. Workflow automation

Jobs that use this skill: consultant, project manager, software engineer

What is it? This skill involves automating manual processes based on pre-defined rules.

5. Gesture recognition technology

Jobs that use this skill: mobile engineer, researcher, software engineer

What is it? As AI creeps further and further into our lives, we’ll see a surge of demand for those who can use a computing device to interpret human gestures as an input for applications and devices.

6. Blockchain

Jobs that use this skill: blockchain developer, chief technology officer, consultant

What is it? Blockchain professionals are able to set up and managed a ‘distributed and decentralised public ledger’, which stores a chain of data that’s near-impossible to change, fake or hack.

7. Artificial intelligence

Jobs that use this skill: business analyst, data scientist, software engineer

What is it? You’ll have a significant leg-up in the job industry if you can study and design “intelligent agents” to perform human-like tasks, according to LinkedIn.

8. Robotic process automation

Jobs that have this skill: business analyst, consultant, robotics engineer

What is it? Professionals with these skills can automate high-volume, high-repetition tasks and processes using AI software.

9. Human-centred design

Jobs that have this skill: graphic designer, product designer, user experience designer

What is it? This skill involves creating solutions to problems that require a deep understanding and consideration of the human perspective and experience across all steps of a process.

10. Front-end web development

Jobs that use this skill: front-end developer, full stack engineer, web developer

What is it? Those with this skill are in demand for their ability to convert data into an interface in order to build websites or apps.

What are the fastest-rising skills in Australia?

Australians are particularly good at social media marketing, human-centred design, and gesture recognition technology.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s where you want to look for professionals with blockchain skills, while India is the hot-spot for robotic process automation, and Korea, Japan and Taiwan take the cake for professionals well-versed in artificial intelligence.

I don’t have tech skills – am I doomed?

Certainly not; the World Economic Forum highlighted the 10 skills that will be redundant in 2022 and the 10 you’ll need.

The latter list includes several singularly ‘human’ soft skills that can’t be done by robots, such as analytical thinking, creativity and initiative, complex problem-solving, leadership, emotional intelligence, and reasoning.

And according to The Impossible Institute co-founders and change leaders Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan, there are 12 skills you can hone to bullet-proof your career, no matter how much technology changes, that involve creative, communication and control skills.

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