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Japan is sending drunk drone drivers to jail

Drunk drone drivers in Japan could face jail sentence. Source: Getty

Operating a drone while drunk in Japan could see you facing a year in prison, after the country passed new legislation earlier this week.

On top of that, those found to be intoxicated while flying a drone could also face a fine of up to 300,000 yen (AU$4,020), according to the BBC.

The law covers drones weighing more than 200 grams, and also limits where exactly the drones can be flown.

Namely, drones must avoid airports and crowder areas, must stay below 150 metres, and only be flown during daylight.

The Japanese transport ministry told the AFP news agency that operating drones after consuming alcohol was as serious as drink driving.

If drone pilots are caught quickly plunging the drone towards crowds, they’ll face a fine of up to a whopping 500,000 yen (AU$7,000).

The new regulations follow an earlier ban on drones approaching nuclear power plants, Japan’s parliament buildings, their armed forces and the prime minister’s office.

As well, stadiums and other sites for the 2020 Olympics are also off-limits, the BBC reported.

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