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10 household items you can sell today for $100 or more

Jessica Yun
·4-min read
(Source: Getty)
(Source: Getty)

Aussies could give themselves a quick cash injection just in time for the Christmas season by selling some of their unused items on Gumtree.

According to new data from the online marketplace, some of Gumtree’s high demand items in October included travel and outdoor sports gear such as caravans, mountain bikes, surfboards, and kayaks.

Boats were the most-searched item last month, followed by mountain bikes and ride-on mowers.

A 4.5 metre ‘fishing or ski boat’ on Gumtree is being sold for $2,850, while a two-storey houseboat equipped with a gas stove and oven, fridge and freezer, washing machine, plasma TV and fully furnished dining and lounge room can help Aussies put $190,000 back into the bank.

Easing Covid-19 restrictions also may be prompting Aussies with itchy feet to go travelling again, with searches for caravans up 68 per cent compared to September.

If you have an unused RV or caravan in your garage, handing it over to a new owner could leave your bank account nearly $73,000 better off.

But keeping it can earn you money, too: some Australians have turned renting out their caravans to others, with one Melbourne father-of-two earning $180,000 a year using this method.

Lego was also on the list, with sets of these hobby toys going for as low as $65 on Gumtree – but in some cases stretching upwards of $1,000.

A solid timber dining table that seats 6 with few scratches or scuffs can get you $350.

These are the best items to sell right now, based on Gumtree’s most-searched items in October:

  1. Boat – browsing increased by 17 per cent vs September

  2. Mountain bike

  3. Ride on mower – browsing increased by 19 per cent vs September

  4. Caravan – browsing increased by 68 per cent vs September

  5. Surfboard

  6. Kayak

  7. Fridge

  8. Dining table

  9. Lego

  10. Outdoor furniture

Gumtree’s latest second hand economy report revealed that Aussies typically have 19 unused items that could be converted into $5,800 cash if they sold them.

Tips to sell your items online

If you’re thinking of selling some of your items on Gumtree or any similar marketplace, it pays to think carefully about what items are in demand, whether it’s based on seasonality or a time period, for example, Christmas or school holidays.

Make your listing appear as attractive as possible, by being descriptive about your item, and showing it off with high-quality photos.

When listing your item, think like a buyer, a Gumtree spokesperson said. If you were searching for the item you’re about to sell, what would you look up?

“Include those keywords and add your item to the right category to help people find it.”

Selling home decor and furniture can also help you earn a decent coin. And if the item isn’t in great condition, sometimes all you need is some elbow grease to bring up its value.

“Often a wooden table or chairs just needs a good wash and a polish with any wood oil or polish you have around the house.”

You should also think ahead about packing and preserving the item, particularly for any new items you buy – for example, keeping the original packaging and receipt – in order to add value when you resell it.

You can also throw in associated items or accessories in with your sale to capture customers. “To sell big, think like a retailer. If you’re selling a gaming console, throw in some games, and accessories to seal the deal.”

Don’t feel like you have to sell it to the first buyer, either – you’re in the driver’s seat, so sell it at a price you’re happy with.

“A good way to [negotiate] is to explain why it is the value you have listed before going down. If you aren’t happy with the price someone is offering, it is okay to say no,” the spokesperson said.

“You can always pause or edit your listing to make the description more detailed and wait for another offer.”

Finally, if you’re exchanging the item in person, be sure to pick a neutral place in public or bring a friend with you.

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