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Getting paid for your voice: Aussie earning thousands through popular side hustle

Aussies can earn $150 to $700 per job for freelance voice-over work.

Voice over side hustle
Aussies like Angus Brennan are earning extra cash through side hustles. (Source: Supplied)

Angus Brennan got into voice work when he was just 12 years old, presenting on his local community radio station in Hervey Bay.

After finishing school, Angus went on to study radio broadcasting and picked up a side hustle doing voice-over work on freelancer platform Fiverr.

He now earns between $77 and $125 per gig and does this alongside his main job, where he works as a disability support worker, teaching voice-over and podcasting skills.


“I’m still doing voice-over as a side hustle and Fiverr helps with that because it is so flexible and it can fit around everything,” Angus told Yahoo Finance.

“All voice work is gig-based, so it depends on what opportunities are there. I normally get about three or four jobs a week.”

Angus isn’t the only Aussie cashing in on the popular side hustle. According to Fiverr, voice-over work grew 22 per cent on the platform last year with an earning potential of between $150 and $700 per job.

Voice over side hustle
Voice over work can be a lucrative side gig, with jobs going for between $150 and $700 each. (Source: Supplied)

Angus said he managed to earn an extra $7,000 through the platform last year and an extra $9,000 the year prior.

One of his favourite parts of voice-over work is the flexibility. Angus recently returned from three weeks travelling Europe, where he brought along his soundproof voice-over box and equipment to earn extra cash on the go.

Top freelance work

For Aussies keen to earn some extra money, Fiverr has shared a list of the most in-demand and lucrative skills on its platform.

  1. Instagram social media manager - 133 per cent growth; $330-$1,955 per job

  2. Marketing strategy - 50 per cent growth; $1,600-$6,900 per job

  3. Facebook ads manager - 34 per cent growth; $580-$1,400 per job

  4. Video advertiser - 44 per cent growth; $1,170 -$4,600 per job

  5. Twitter - 39 per cent growth; $100-$323 per job

  6. Google Adwords - 38 per cent growth; $381-$1,560 per job

  7. Shopify marketing - 27 per cent growth; $248-$490 per job

  8. YouTube Monetisation - 22 per cent growth; $132-$414 per job

  9. YouTube video editor - 18 per cent growth; $828-$3,647 per job

  10. Podcast editor - 18 per cent growth; $165-$414 per job

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