$600: Top-paying side hustles revealed

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People walk the streets of Sydney and a person removing $50 notes from a wallet to represent people making money from side hustles.
Aussies are turning to side hustles to battle the rising cost of living. (Source: Getty)

As the cost of living continues to rise, Aussies wanting to pick up some extra cash might want to look into these high-paying side hustles.

Airtasker launched a Services Calculator, revealing how much people were spending in real time on services like landscaping, cleaning, painting, business admin, website development and even Christmas tree delivery.

The Airtasker Services Calculator enables Aussies to see the average price range being paid for services in 55 different skills categories.

“The severe shortage of skilled workers has driven up costs across the board, with many people now not sure what is a fair price to pay for services,” Airtasker CEO Tim Fung said.

“Australians are proactively looking for ways to drive efficiency in their lives and this Services Calculator makes it easier for people to plan and budget for their next project.

“While there are many variables with tasks, whether it be urgency, complexity and duration, we have taken this into account, providing both the lower and higher end of pricing on the Airtasker Services Calculator.”

Here are some of the best ‘going rates’ for side hustles in Australia:

  • Painting services - $200 to $600

  • Landscape Gardeners - $150 to $500

  • Skylight installation - $122 to $350

  • Domestic Window cleaning - $130 to $300

  • Transport/taxi services - $110 to $335

  • Gutter cleaning - $150 to $275

  • Cleaning - $100 to $250

  • Translation services - $25 to $90

  • Graphic Designer - $30 to $110

  • General business admin - $33 to $150

  • Website/App development - $40 to $200

  • Security patrols - $40 to $167.50

  • Christmas Tree delivery, decorating, disposing - $50 to $156

  • Event Planners - $50 to $262.50

“The top categories customers have been booking Taskers for include removalists, gardening, cleaning, handywork, waste disposal, furniture assembly, pick-up and delivery, plumber and copywriting,” Fung said.

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