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The free tool Aussies are using to save $1,600 on their energy bills

Aussies are saving hundreds by switching electricity providers. Images: Getty

You’re not imagining it; your energy bill has gotten a lot more expensive lately.

In fact, retail electricity prices have soared 99 per cent since 2009 and show little sign of slowing.

However, a new NSW service, Energy Switch, is prompting savvy Australians to save thousands on their bills in minutes.

The free online comparison tool compares a customer’s latest electricity e-bill with all NSW electricity providers to see where savings could be made before offering the customer the three cheapest plans available.

The service isn’t the first of its kind; Choice rolled out a similar service in May,, but asks customers to pay a $99 annual fee to cover costs.

And Suncorp Bank and energy comparison platform Utilizer joined forces earlier this month for a similar program.

However, Energy Switch is the first non-commercial platform to be completely free without requiring membership, meaning it’s open to all New South Wales residents.

The NSW government is describing it as a “game changer”.

The average saving is $550, but some are saving thousands

Energy Switch launched this week after a pilot that ran across five Service NSW centres.

The pilot saw an average saving of $550 per household, but one customer saved more than a whopping $1,600.

“For the first time for an Australian government, customers can switch providers in minutes with the click of a mouse or a chat with Service NSW,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

“With summer just around the corner, Energy Switch has come at the right time to help households save when their energy is highest.”

The service is available in-person at all Service NSW Centres or on the Service NSW website.

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