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Coles' new range takes supermarket war to Kmart, Aldi

Coles has announced a new range. Images: AAP, Coles

Supermarket giant Coles has launched a limited edition homewares range as the company continues to expand its product range.

Coles recently announced plans to sell more convenience and ready-made meal products, in addition to super-sized products in a bid to bring more budget-conscious and time-poor shoppers in store.

Now, Coles wants to furnish your home, in addition to cooking you dinner.

Its new Your Home Collection has 101 items including cushions, throw rugs, lamps, shelves and storage boxes.

And while it’s certainly new to shoppers who would expect to find these items in a Kmart, Aldi or Target rather than Coles, it’s a return to Coles’ roots, Coles chief executive for commercial and express Greg Davis said.

Image: Coles

He pointed to the company’s origin as ‘Coles GJ and Co: Fancy Goods and Drapers’ in Melbourne, 105 years ago.

“Over the past year we have launched hundreds of new products that customers have never seen on our shelves before, across areas like health foods, prepared and ready-to-cook meals, personal care, and meat alternatives,” Davis added on Tuesday.

“In July and August, the Your Home Collection will transform the Coles shopping experience, giving our customers the chance to pick up products that they will love in their home.”

What’s in the Coles Your Home Collection?

Image: Coles

Available until 25 August, Coles describes its collection as “chic” and “stylish”.

The collection includes:

  • 2-pack pet bag - $2

  • Succulent in Glass Pot – $5

  • Decorative Ceramic and Wood Canister – $6

  • Mahala Jar (ceramic pot with lid and leather handle) – $6

  • Felt Storage Box – $10

  • Velvet Cushion – $13

  • Timber Photo Frame – $15

  • Plush Throw – $15

  • Four Draw Timber Storage Box – $12

  • Maya Table Top Lamp – $25

  • Round Wall Shelf – $25

Recent Aldi special buys sales have included a rocking chair, a portable cot and even ceramic bathroom suites.

Prior to that, however, Aldi fans went into a frenzy over its homewares collection which included Scandinavian-style floor lamps and furniture, knit throws and french linen sheet sets.

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