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Boss slams Gen Z and Millennial work trend: 'Lazy and entitled'

The Brisbane-based boss said work perks had gone too far.

Craig Sneesby and workers.
An Aussie boss has blasted a new work trend that allows staff to do the ‘bare minimum’. (Source:

An Aussie boss has slammed the ‘Bare Minimum Monday’ work trend gaining traction in offices across the country.

Bare Minimum Mondays is a popular work trend that allows employees to do the least amount of work required to ease into the working week.

Staff are allowed to do things like go to appointments, do their washing and walk the dog during the work day.

But the trend isn’t without its critics, with some bosses claiming it creates a lazy and entitled work culture.

‘Setting a really poor standard’

One such boss is U & U Recruitment Partners managing director Craig Sneesby, who said he was personally against the trend.


“Employees are paid to do a job and work the hours that they have agreed to,” he told

“You are setting a really poor standard if we accept a mediocre start to the week. I would not expect any high-achieving worker to want to get involved in this trend.

“It creates a space for workers to be lazy and generates a culture of entitlement.”

Sneesby argued workers had time on the weekend to recharge and do life-admin tasks like washing and cooking.

“These kind of work perks have really gone too far. It just is not sustainable,” he said.

The Brisbane-based boss said he believed flexible working arrangements were beneficial. But he noted that businesses implementing Bare Minimum Mondays were unlikely to be “future growth” companies.

‘One of the best decisions’

One proponent of Bare Minimum Mondays is Adelaide marketing manager Caitlin Winter, who recently went viral on TikTok after speaking about her experience introducing the practice with her team of three.

Winter said the trend had helped ease the stress and anxiety often experienced on Sunday nights, known as the “Sunday Scaries”.

“Bare Minimum Mondays is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a manager,” Winter said in the TikTok.

She said her team had no meetings on Monday (aside from a short Work In Progress meeting ) and it gave them the opportunity to do things they didn’t get to on the weekend, like laundry or appointments.

“It’s just a really nice way to ease into the working week, and to not feel really burnt out from the get go,” she said.

“It’s time to start thinking of different ways we can show up for our teams and show up for ourselves and give ourselves a little bit of love, while still remaining efficient and effective in our jobs in the meantime.”

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