The work perk luring Aussies back into the office

Free food could be the key to luring workers back into the office.

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Free food at work
Aussies are happy to come into the office if they are given this one thing. (Source: Getty)

What would it take for you to go back to the office? Well, for the majority of Aussie workers, it’s as simple as getting free food.

Woolworths at Work surveyed more than 2,000 office workers and bosses to reveal that food perks, like free breakfast and fruit, were a key element to bringing workers back into the office.

More than nine in 10 (92 per cent) office workers surveyed said the food perks they received made them happier at work and made them like working in the office. More than four in five (82 per cent) said food perks made them want to be in the office more regularly.

“Forward-thinking businesses are ramping up their workplace food offering in a bid to attract talent back to the workplace, while also considering healthier food options to boost both productivity and well-being,” Woolworths at Work managing director Jarad Nass said.

“In fact, we are increasingly seeing items like rice crackers, fresh fruits and a variety of milk options top the list of popular products for office orders, quickly replacing chocolate biscuits and soft drinks.”

Last year, Woolworths at Work transaction data found chocolate biscuits and assorted cream biscuits were among the top 10 most purchased foods for offices. This year, however, they have been replaced with more healthy options like fresh fruit and rice crackers.

As well as getting bums back in seats, the majority of workers (93 per cent) thought free food created a “sense of fun” in the office, while many (87 per cent) said it was an important part of office culture.

It was also seen as a way of attracting new workers and encouraging them to stay in the job, the survey found. More than four in five workers (83 per cent) said free food made an organisation more attractive to work for, while more than half (52 per cent) who already got free food said it made them more loyal to the company.

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