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Boss ends job interview after getting asked this question: ‘I wasted 15 minutes’

The real estate coach told job applicants to “get in line” and “stay in line”.

Boss ends interview
A real estate trainer has taken to TikTok to slam a “punk” job applicant. (Source: TikTok/Getty)

A Sydney real estate coach has slammed a job applicant for wasting his time, revealing the one question that made him end the interview early.

Real Estate Gym founder and director Tom Panos said he shut down the interview after 12 minutes, calling his interviewee a “punk” who needed to “get in line” and “stay in line”.

“So, I wasted 15 minutes today in an interview, interviewing an associate to join one of the real estate teams,” Panos said in a now viral TikTok.


“The guy’s never worked in real estate before, early 20s, asked me what commissions he’d be paid, asked me what hours he’s expected to be there, asked me what days he’d have off during the week, and then went on to say - this is the one, this is the question - ‘give me three reasons why I should pick this employer versus someone else’.”

Panos responded: “I can’t think of one” and then said, “Mate, let’s just finish this off - this is not for you, this is not for me, this is not for us.”

‘All good questions’

The TikTok has now garnered more than 460,000 views and 5,000 comments, with the majority of commentators jumping to the interviewees’ defence.

“If he has the guts to ask those questions then I imagine he’d be a good real estate agent,” one person commented.

“Yeah you did right to get rid of him, he sounds like he has integrity!” another said.

“They are all good questions and he dodged a bullet obviously,” a third person commented.

Other commenters pointed out that interviews “go both ways” and the interviewee had every right to ask the questions.

Only a small number actually agreed with Panos.

“These are good things to know before signing on to a job, except for the last one. You

need some experience and credentials to ask something like that,” one person said.

“I’m getting fed up with people like this. I recently had a girl who turned up to an interview asking similar questions & had her shirt on inside out!” another said.

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