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The best pizza coupons in Australia this week

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Takeaway pizzas are a favourite among Australians who don't want to cook for a night, but there are always so many discounts around no one should be paying full price.

The restaurant makes very little money – or even loses money – on some of these deals. But they are there to lure customers in with the hope that they'll spend on other full price items.

Yahoo Finance has done the run-around for you to collate the best vouchers and coupon deals from the two major players – Domino's and Pizza Hut.

And they're all here in one place so you can compare:

Domino's vouchers

While social media went off for Domino's half-price deals a couple of weeks ago, those discounts have now expired. The best ones valid at the time of writing are:

  • 3 large traditional pizzas pick up for $22.95 - code 713992

  • 3 large traditional pizzas and 3 sides delivered for $29.95 - code 947334

  • 3 sides for $9.95 - code 962239

  • 1 traditional pizza pick up for $7.95 - code 589880

  • 1 premium pizza pick up for $10.90 - code 589880

  • 1 value pizza pick up for $3.95 - code 979487


Pizza Hut coupons

Pizza Hut has, in recent times, dramatically reduced the number of coupons in circulation. This shortage has been especially acute since 2015 when it faced a class action from a group of franchisees for the cheap deals that sent them broke.

These days the best offers are more commonly found on its own website or through very short-term vouchers that only last one or two days:

  • 2 large pizzas and 1 side pick up for $19 - code HUT5869, expiring Aug 11

  • 3 large pizzas pick up for $23.85 - code HUT5868, expiring Aug 11

  • 2 large pizzas and 2 selected sides delivered for $27 - code HUT5866, expiring Aug 11

  • 3 large pizzas and 3 selected sides delivered for $35 - code HUT5861, expiring Aug 11

  • 4 large pizzas and 4 selected sides delivered for $46 - offer page

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