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Aussies are going nuts over half-price pizzas

Image: Getty

Takeaway pizzas are a competitive industry in Australia so there are usually plenty of discount codes each week to save money with all the major players.

But currently there is a trio of codes for Domino's that seems to be especially cheaper than the usual coupon, generating plenty of buzz among social media users.

The deals – 60 per cent off premium pizzas, 50 per cent off traditional and 40 per cent off New Yorkers – can be seen in the Domino's app, or can be applied with discount codes through the online store.

One social media user claimed his $73 order was brought down to $32 because of the deal.

Image: Facebook/Blair N Kaela Montague

"[I] had a huge 12 hour day at work and seriously was thinking of giving the kids toast for dinner when I remembered the post!" said another Facebook user.

"My kids think its Christmas cos they got to pick from the premium range – so massive thank you for making me more liked than their dad."

The three deals are on until Wednesday July 31.

The codes are:

  • 643819 for 60 per cent off premium pizzas

  • 731325 for 50 per cent off traditional pizzas

  • 884455 for 40 per cent off New Yorker pizzas

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