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Best McDonald's, KFC, Hungry Jack's deals this week

All three fast food chains are offering plenty of cheap eats again this week. (Images: McDonald's Australia, Getty)

There is big money in the quick-service restaurant industry in Australia.

Hungry Australians generate $20.1 billion of revenue, according to IBISWorld, so it's no wonder the big chains all want a slice of the pie.

This is why brands like McDonald's, KFC and Hungry Jacks always have great value deals on. 

As usual, Yahoo Finance has picked out the best deals from those three restaurants so you don't have to pay full price for your burger or chicken.

Take a look and decide which eatery will get your money this week:

McDonald's: best discounts

Usually the MyMaccas app is the most reliable source of discounts:

  • $1 large fries

  • $4 Big Mac or Quarter Pounder

The list of weekly app discounts is rather short currently because McDonald's Australia is trying to get customers to play its Mini Games for free food. Playing the games in the MyMaccas app could potentially land you one of these items for $0:

  • Cheeseburger 

  • Big Mac burger

  • Quarter Pounder burger 

  • McChicken burger

  • Filet-O-Fish burger

  • Small Big Mac meal and a Cheeseburger

  • Small fries 

  • 6 Chicken McNuggets 

  • 10 Chicken McNuggets 

  • Small 10-piece chicken McNugget meal 

  • Hash brown 

  • McCafé small coffee 

  • Regular sundae 

  • McFlurry 

  • Large shake 

KFC: best discounts

The KFC Australia smartphone app is the place to head for deals.

For example, the '10 tenders for $10' special is not due to hit stores until next week, but app users already have access to it now.

The New Products section is the place to find temporary promotions:

  • $2 slider (aioli, supercharged, pepper mayo or BBQ)

  • 24 nuggets for $10

  • Streetwise Feast (6 pieces original recipe, 6 nuggets, 3 tenders, 2 large chips, 2 dipping sauces): $21.95

The Colonel's Offers section of the app hosts the continuing deals:

  • Family burger deal (4 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, two large chips, 1.25L drink): $21.95 

  • Cheap as Chips (8 pieces original recipe, 6 nuggets, 2 large chips, 2 large potato & gravy, 2 dipping sauces): $20.95

  • Burger Combo Deluxe (Zinger or Original Fillet burger, chips, drink, potato & gravy): $7.45 

  • Double Combo (2 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, 2 chips, 2 drinks): $14.45

Hungry Jack's: best discounts

Hungry Jack's is a bit old school in that its best deals are found on paper coupons.

Unfortunately the burger chain is infamous for its erratic acceptance of the vouchers. Some restaurants will flat out refuse any discount, some will accept the hard copy of the voucher only, while the best outlets will honour a pic shown on a smartphone.

It's an infuriating gamble, but if you want to give it a go these are the best specials:

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