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15 free McDonald's items up for grabs in February

McDonald's is giving away free food again in February.

McDonald's will be giving away a range of menu items in February to customers who play some mobile games.

The fast food giant started its Mini Games promotion on Wednesday, which sees customers able to play simple games within the MyMaccas smartphone app. 

Free or discounted food – such as a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder – can then be claimed within the games.

While the three simple games – Totes A-maze, Lucky Dip and Mini Mini Golf – are free to play, there is a fourth game, Macca's Run, which can only be accessed after a purchase through the app.

That obstacle-based racing game is more difficult, but there are more elaborate prizes on offer, such as Visa cash.

(Images: McDonald's Australia)

MyMacca's, which also contains regular McDonald's discount specials, is available on both Android and iOS.

Here is the full list of 15 free food items up for grabs through Mini Games:

  • Regular sundae 

  • Small fries 

  • McCafé small coffee 

  • Big Mac burger

  • McChicken burger

  • Hash brown 

  • Cheeseburger 

  • McFlurry 

  • Large shake 

  • Quarter Pounder burger 

  • 10 Chicken McNuggets 

  • 6 Chicken McNuggets 

  • Filet-O-Fish burger

  • Small 10-piece chicken McNugget meal 

  • Small Big Mac meal and a Cheeseburger

The promotion will last until the last day of February.

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