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The best Aldi specials this week

Musical instruments and computer monitors are on sale as Special Buys at Aldi this week. (Images: Aldi Australia)

Aldi commands customer loyalty that's the envy of Woolworths and Coles.

Research last year found Australian shoppers had developed "an emotional connection" to Aldi, which has carefully crafted public image of consistently low prices.

While this is not factually true – there are many instances when Aldi is more expensive – the strategy has worked successfully since the chain first entered Australia 19 years ago.

The supermarket's Special Buys homewares specials attract the most rabid fans, forcing them to queue up before store opening and snapping up the deliberately low stock specials.

For your browsing pleasure, Yahoo Finance each week presents the most alluring Special Buys deals and Super Saver grocery items right here.

This should help you target the specials you want and the day to visit. But beware that for groceries Coles and Woolworths' half-price deals are a bigger discount. 

Aldi Special Buys: Saturday February 1

Office gear and food storage products headline Saturday.

  • Bookcase: $99.99

  • Air purifier: $99.99

  • Office desk: $79.99

  • Office chair: $59.99

  • 4-drawer cabinet lockable: $59.99

  • LG 34-inch ultrawide full-HD monitor: $399

  • Cross-cut paper shredder: $49.99

  • Canon Pixma MG3060W all-in-one printer: $39.99

  • Dymo LetraTag XR label maker: $19.99

  • Brita Maxtra water filter cartridge 2-pack: $19.99

  • Brita water filter jug 1.4L: $19.99

  • Glasslock food storage containers 3-piece set: $19.99

  • Insulated lunch case: $9.99

  • Travel mug: $9.99

(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi Special Buys: Wednesday February 5

Aldi is selling cheap musical instruments on Wednesday, believe it or not. Easter treats and cleaning gear are also on offer.

  • Electronic drum kit: $299

  • Clarinet, trumpet or flute: $149

  • Light-up keyboard: $99.99

  • Electric acoustic guitar: $99.99

  • Acoustic guitar: $59.99

  • Drum stool, keyboard stool or keyboard stand: $29.99

  • Cadbury eggs 125g: $3.49

  • Mini Easter eggs 150g: $3.49

  • Hot cross buns fruit, fruitless or choc chip 6-pack: $2.99

  • Mini hot cross buns 9-pack: $2.99

  • Aluminium ladder 7-rung: $99.99

  • Vacuum cleaner cordless handheld stick: $99.99

  • Carpet cleaner 600W: $99.99

  • Multicyclonic vacuum cleaner 2400W: $89.99

  • Electric window cleaner: $39.99

  • Ultrasonic cleaner: $29.99

  • Handheld steam cleaner: $29.99

  • Power mop set: $29.99

(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi Super Savers (groceries)

The Super Savers remain the same as the last three weeks:

  • Salmon fillets 4-pack 460g: $11.99 (normally $12.99)

  • Stir fry beef: $13.99 per kg (normally $16.99)

  • Tuna and rice meals 190g: $1.99 ($2.49)

  • Tuna treats with crackers 112g: $1.49 ($1.99)

  • Prawn gyoza 750g: $6.99 (normally $7.99)

  • Large wraps 8-pack 560g: $2.99 ($3.49)

  • Banana bread slices 5-pack 500g: $3.99 ($4.49)

  • Take Away biscuit bars filled with milk chocolate 5-pack 140g: $1.49 ($1.99) 

  • Yoconut dairy-free dessert 500mL: $3.99 ($4.99)

  • Vita Grain crackers 250g: $1.49 ($1.99)

  • Topz crackers 300g: $1.49 ($1.99)

  • Kombucha peach & ginger 330mL: $1.99 ($2.69)

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