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Revealed: Australia’s most and least popular jobs

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Job-seeking in the new year? There are some jobs that will be easier to get than others, reveals new research. 

SEEK has revealed its most- and least-applied for jobs on the jobs website for 2019, with pickers and packers’ roles taking out the most-applied for job. 

At the other end of the spectrum, midwifery, neo-natal, NICU and SCN nursing was the least-applied for role. 

Most-applied for roles

  1. Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics - Pickers & Packers, $48,498

  2. Retail & Consumer Products - Retail Assistants, $50,558

  3. Administration & Office Support - Receptionists, $49,442

  4. Hospitality & Tourism - Waiting Staff, $51,649

  5. Hospitality & Tourism - Kitchen & Sandwich Hands, $52,058

  6. Administration & Office Support - Data Entry & Word Processing, $50,642

  7. Hospitality & Tourism - Housekeeping, $55,715

  8. Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics - Assembly & Process Work, $50,514

  9. Administration & Office Support - Administrative Assistants, $55,084

  10. Call Centre & Customer Service - Customer Service Call Centre, $55,042

Managing director of specialist hospitality and travel recruitment firm TMS talent, John Terry, noted the rise in popularity of hospitality and tourism roles. 

“These roles often provide training, equipping employees with many transferrable skills,” Terry said.

Terry said the best way to stand out in these competitive fields is to emphasise flexibility, in addition to an understanding of the company you’re applying to work at. 

“Put any relevant experience up front in your resume and customise your cover letter to explain why you are passionate about working for that employer,” he said. 

“If you do secure an interview, ensure you arrive on time and are well presented. In this industry first impressions definitely matter.”

Least-applied for roles

  1. Healthcare & Medical - Midwifery, Neo-Natal, SCN & NICU, $82,027

  2. Legal - Construction Law, $127,039

  3. Legal - Environment & Planning Law, $117,527

  4. Healthcare & Medical - Speech Therapy, $78,780

  5. Legal - Insurance & Superannuation Law, $114,157

  6. Legal - Industrial Relations & Employment Law, $118,453

  7. Legal - Tax Law, $117,832

  8. Healthcare & Medical - Nursing Management, $108,031

  9. Healthcare & Medical - General Practitioners, $129,265

  10. Healthcare & Medical - Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation, $78,562

Hobson Health Recruitment director Dan Hobson said the ageing population will see a surge in healthcare roles. 

And specialist skills like midwifery are also always in demand. 

“The ratio of qualified midwifes to registered nurses is low,” he said. “It’s a very specialised area of nursing.”

He said people in healthcare might want to think about reskilling to become eligible for those roles. 

“Candidates for specialist roles can demand opportunities such as career development and can also negotiate for perks such as relocation fees,” he said. 

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